A Styled Shoot with Shauna & Bre!

Shauna and Bre are two women who, just like me, are beginning their businesses. They wanted to get together to put on a styled shoot together, and asked me to come along the help document their story! Without further ado, I give you the talent of Shauna Lott of Willow and Raven (follow her here!) and Breanne Grazian-Mertens of Breanne Marie. Be on the look out for these two, and their incredible talent! Shauna and Bre, thank you so much for letting be a part of such a fun evening!Wicklund_0277.jpg Wicklund_0278.jpg Wicklund_0279.jpg Wicklund_0306.jpg Wicklund_0281.jpg Wicklund_0282.jpg Wicklund_0280.jpg Wicklund_0284.jpg Wicklund_0283.jpg Wicklund_0285.jpg Wicklund_0303.jpg Wicklund_0287.jpg Wicklund_0288.jpg Wicklund_0289.jpg Wicklund_0297.jpg Wicklund_0290.jpg Wicklund_0299.jpg Wicklund_0292.jpg Wicklund_0294.jpg Wicklund_0300.jpg Wicklund_0295.jpg Wicklund_0301.jpg Wicklund_0291.jpg Wicklund_0305.jpg Wicklund_0296.jpg Wicklund_0302.jpg Wicklund_0307.jpg