Beau, Britt and Baby B!

My sister and brother-in-law are expecting their sweet baby girl sometime the end of August. As her auntie, I could not be more excited! We took an evening up in Fort Collins to document my glowing sister and their growing family. How beautiful is she? I might be biased, but goodness...she makes pregnancy look good :) I am so grateful to have had the chance to document this important time in their lives! This little girl has SO much love for her already, I can hardly stand it! Baby girl, know that you are more loved than you could even know! Thanks for putting up with your crazy auntie... It's only just beginning! Wicklund_0675.jpg Wicklund_0676.jpg Wicklund_0678.jpg Wicklund_0680.jpg Wicklund_0679.jpg Wicklund_0677.jpg Wicklund_0681.jpg Wicklund_0682.jpg Wicklund_0683.jpg Wicklund_0687.jpg Wicklund_0686.jpg Wicklund_0685.jpg Wicklund_0684.jpg