Brett and Annie are MARRIED!

Brett and Annie were married on a beautiful June day in Boulder. As the rain clouds loomed, we were unsure if we would have the chance to do the photos we had planned, but we chose to take a chance, and I am so glad that we did. Brett and Annie had their first look up Flagstaff road, with the mountains as their majestic backdrop. Truly, one of the most beautiful places I could imagine for a first look. Erik and I are so grateful to have had the chance to spend the day along side of these two as they began their brand new life together. Everything went exactly as planned, and they were married in one of the most sincere and touching ceremonies we have witnessed. Thank you so much, Brett and Annie, for choosing us to capture your day! We couldn't be more excited for you two! Wicklund_0752.jpg Wicklund_0724.jpg Wicklund_0726.jpg Wicklund_0725.jpg Wicklund_0727.jpg Wicklund_0730.jpg Wicklund_0732.jpg Wicklund_0731.jpg Wicklund_0729.jpg Wicklund_0734.jpg Wicklund_0738.jpg Wicklund_0739.jpg Wicklund_0737.jpg Wicklund_0735.jpg Wicklund_0741.jpg Wicklund_0736.jpg Wicklund_0723.jpg Wicklund_0716.jpg Wicklund_0718.jpg Wicklund_0719.jpg Wicklund_0720.jpg Wicklund_0721.jpg Wicklund_0722.jpg Wicklund_0746.jpg Wicklund_0744.jpg Wicklund_0748.jpg Wicklund_0747.jpg Wicklund_0749.jpg Wicklund_0750.jpg