Collin + Rachel Married! {Colorado Wedding Photographer}

I am so incredibly excited to get to share Collin + Rachel’s beautiful wedding with you! It’s been a true joy to get to watch Collin and Rachel grow in their relationship from dating, to becoming engaged, and now to becoming husband and wife. Collin and I have been friends for over 23 years, and to see him as happy as he is with Rachel is awesome. We always knew that when Collin found his perfect match, that she would be so special, and she is nothing short of that. Their love is selfless, worshipful, and and wholly God centered. They push each other to love the best that they possibly can, and that love pours out to everyone around them. Their wedding day was a testament to who they are and to how they love, and I’ll be forever grateful to have been a part of it. Collin and Rachel, I’m so glad you’ve found each other, and have this lifetime to spend together! Your love is a beautiful, beautiful thing!CAPT0085.jpg CAPT0128.jpg CAPT0147.jpg CAPT0181.jpg CAPT0191.jpg CAPT0253.jpg CAPT0337.jpg CAPT0356.jpg CAPT0458.jpg CAPT1511.jpg CAPT0519.jpg CAPT0690.jpg CAPT0698.jpg CAPT0825.jpg CAPT0949.jpg CAPT0974.jpg CAPT0979.jpg CAPT1032.jpg CAPT1064.jpg CAPT1077.jpg CAPT1120.jpg CAPT1272.jpg CAPT1337.jpg CAPT1350.jpg CAPT1368.jpg CAPT1400.jpg CAPT1421.jpg CAPT1425.jpg CAPT1456.jpg CAPT1551.jpg CAPT1599-2.jpg CAPT1658.jpg CAPT1715.jpg CAPT0018.jpg CAPT1735.jpg CAPT1743-2.jpg CAPT0068.jpg CAPT0176.jpg CAPT0200.jpg