Emily + Nik Married! {Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer}

I am so excited to finally get to share Emily + Nik's wedding with you! When Emily + Nik contacted me shortly after being engaged and we sat down over coffee, I knew that their wedding day would be nothing short of perfect and so full of love. From every single detail, to the location, to the vows, and the people that surrounded them, everything about their day truly was beautiful. Nik + Emily, your love is an awesome thing, and it was so evident in everything about your day. Your love for Jesus and heart for others shined abundantly that day, and I am grateful to have gotten to be a part of it all! Congratulations, you two! (Special thanks to Erin Nicole Photography for shooting alongside of me.)CAPT3504.jpg CAPT3542-2.jpg CAPT3576.jpg CAPT3708.jpg CAPT3724.jpg CAPT3619.jpg CAPT3892.jpg CAPT3868.jpg CAPT3982.jpg CAPT4128.jpg CAPT4306.jpg CAPT4267.jpg CAPT4061.jpg CAPT4597.jpg CAPT4496.jpg CAPT4354.jpg CAPT4550.jpg CAPT4716.jpg CAPT4712.jpg CAPT5019.jpg CAPT5067.jpg CAPT4970.jpg CAPT4770.jpg CAPT5231.jpg CAPT5250.jpg CAPT5240.jpg CAPT5265.jpg CAPT5289.jpg CAPT5358.jpg CAPT5353.jpg CAPT5533.jpg CAPT5576.jpg CAPT5628.jpg CAPT5786.jpg CAPT5824.jpg CAPT5898.jpg CAPT5946-2.jpg CAPT6021.jpg CAPT6049.jpg CAPT6119.jpg CAPT6143.jpg CAPT6225.jpg CAPT6275.jpg CAPT6341.jpg CAPT6384.jpg CAPT6474.jpg CAPT6484.jpg CAPT6505.jpg

Venue: Colorado Cherry Company, Pinewood Springs, CO