Hayden Jane is 6 Months Old! {Colorado Family Photographer}

My beautiful niece Hayden Jane turned 6 months old last week, and we took opportunity to capture this milestone in her life. Hayden, you've really changed our lives in ways we never could have expected. You've taught us to seek joy, to laugh at the little things, and to not take life too seriously. You are more loved than you could ever know, and it's a true privilege to get to be your aunt. Thanks for teaching us so many things in just your 6 months of life! I can't wait for all that is to come!CAPT3175.jpg CAPT3191-2.jpg CAPT3196-2.jpg CAPT3287.jpg CAPT3294-2.jpg CAPT3303.jpg CAPT3327-2.jpg CAPT3393-2.jpg CAPT3347.jpg CAPT3378.jpg CAPT3393.jpg CAPT3427.jpg CAPT3539-2.jpg CAPT3600-2.jpg CAPT3566.jpg CAPT3627-2.jpg