Ian + Jessica Married! {Colorado Wedding Photographer}

I'm so excited to finally get to share Ian and Jessica's wedding with you! I anticipated this wedding for a long time, and it was so worth the wait. When I met with Ian and Jessica last summer, I knew that these two had something really special together; really special. I was so excited about this wedding for a number of reasons, but mostly I was excited to finally see these two get to become husband and wife. Ian and Jessica were married at the gorgeous Della Terra Mountain Chateau, but it was their love that really made that place most beautiful that day. It was a wedding 10 months in planning, and every little thing, down to custom stitching on the inside of the groom's jacket, was planned perfectly. Congratulations, you two. Your love will carry you so far in this life, and as great as you both are as individuals, you are the much greater together. And a huge, special thanks to Rhema Faith Photography for capturing their story alongside of me!CAPT1482.jpg CAPT1460.jpg CAPT1603.jpg CAPT1762.jpg CAPT1847.jpg CAPT1980.jpg CAPT1923.jpg CAPT2046.jpg CAPT2206.jpg CAPT2218.jpg RFP_5113.jpg CAPT2114.jpg CAPT2311.jpg CAPT2370.jpg CAPT2341.jpg CAPT2409.jpg CAPT2570.jpg CAPT2602.jpg CAPT2732.jpg CAPT2887.jpg CAPT2920.jpg CAPT2961.jpg CAPT3029.jpg RFP_5667.jpg RFP_5304.jpg CAPT3053.jpg CAPT3065.jpg CAPT2453.jpg CAPT3139.jpg CAPT3125.jpg CAPT3301.jpg CAPT3431.jpg

Venue: Della Terra Mountain Chateau Makeup: Candace with Dotted with Hearts Florist: Clementine's Divine Designs Planning: Jessica Titchener