Jaime, + Jarrod + Baby W {Colorado Maternity Photographer}

My beautiful friend Jaime and her husband Jarrod are expecting their first baby girl any day now. It's been such an honor to walk along side them as they begin this journey of parenthood, and I couldn't be more excited for them to meet their little girl. Jaime, you are STUNNING, and you carry pregnancy so well. Thank you so much for the opportunity to capture this time in your life...I know that you both will excel at being parents to this precious baby. She is one blessed babe already. I cannot wait to hear that she is here! Wicklund_0929.jpg Wicklund_0928.jpg Wicklund_0926.jpg Wicklund_0932.jpg Wicklund_0933.jpg Wicklund_0934.jpg Wicklund_0935.jpg Wicklund_0927.jpg Wicklund_0937.jpg Wicklund_0931.jpg Wicklund_0936.jpg Wicklund_0923.jpg Wicklund_0924.jpg Wicklund_0939.jpg Wicklund_0942.jpg Wicklund_0941.jpg