Jake & Dayton - A Surprise Proposal

Jake contacted me all the way from Rwanda to help plan his surprise propsal to the love of his life, Dayton. They are both originally from Dallas, but have both been living abroad in Africa. They both had just returned to Dallas just a day or so before the proposal. He surprised her the morning of, telling her they were going to breakfast, and that she needed to get up so that they could get going. Little did she know, that he would be taking her to the airport, where they would be getting on a flight to Denver, CO, and where he would be promising his forever to her. With lots of planning, preparation, and a whole lot of love, these two are now engaged! The day could not have been planned better, and the proposal went off without a hitch. Jake and Dayton, thank you so much for letting me capture such an incredible moment in your lives. I am so grateful to have met you both, and know that this journey of marriage will be the best gift ever. Enjoy this sweet proposal! Wicklund_0785.jpg Wicklund_0787.jpg Wicklund_0788.jpg Wicklund_0798.jpg Wicklund_0789.jpg Wicklund_0790.jpg Wicklund_0791.jpg Wicklund_0792.jpg Wicklund_0793.jpg Wicklund_0794.jpg Wicklund_0795.jpg Wicklund_0796.jpg Wicklund_0797.jpg