Jordan + Carolyn are MARRIED! {Minnesota Wedding Photographer}

There’s so much I feel like I want to say about this incredible wedding, but am finding that no words can really do it justice. Carolyn and Jordan are dear friends to Erik and me, and to say that we love these two and are incredibly excited about their marriage is an understatement.Carolyn and Jordan, you are both such amazing people, with the biggest hearts, and it’s evident by the quality people that surround you and love you so much. Your laughter, excitement, and genuine love fill any room that you enter, and to know you is a privelege. Erik and I are so grateful for the friendship we’ve had with you both, and are so excited to support you as you move through marriage. I hope that these photos can be a reminder of what a special and important day August 2nd was and will always be for you guys. This is a wedding that I will treasure being a part of forever, and I really mean it when I say that. CAPT6184.jpg CAPT6163.jpg CAPT6220.jpg CAPT6613.jpg CAPT6666.jpg CAPT6189.jpg CAPT6681.jpg CAPT6702.jpg CAPT6780.jpg CAPT6765.jpg CAPT6864.jpg CAPT6850.jpg CAPT6828.jpg CAPT7011.jpg CAPT6449.jpg CAPT6399.jpg CAPT6523.jpg CAPT7138.jpg CAPT7161.jpg CAPT7262.jpg CAPT7334.jpg CAPT7336.jpg CAPT7370.jpg CAPT7415.jpg CAPT7427.jpg CAPT7514.jpg CAPT7473.jpg CAPT7518.jpg CAPT7531.jpg CAPT7575.jpg CAPT7585.jpg CAPT7741.jpg CAPT7858.jpg CAPT7916.jpg CAPT7998.jpg CAPT7966.jpg CAPT8011.jpg CAPT7988.jpg CAPT8021.jpg CAPT8088.jpg CAPT8043.jpg CAPT8116.jpg CAPT8198.jpg CAPT8290.jpg CAPT8245.jpg CAPT8387.jpg CAPT8392.jpg CAPT8456.jpg CAPT8488.jpg CAPT8519.jpg CAPT8573.jpg CAPT8587.jpg CAPT8600.jpg CAPT8618.jpg CAPT8624.jpg