Kent & Jenna are ENGAGED! {Sneak Peek}

I had the opportunity to hang out and capture some photos of Jenna and her daughter, Aidan, a couple of months ago. Sortly after, Kent proposed to Jenna! I was so excited when she contacted me again to do engagement photos for them. They are both huge Colorado Rockies fan, and incorporated their favorite team into their photos. I love those personal touches that make the photos special to a fun! I am looking forward to their Mexico wedding next Spring! Congratulations, you two! Enjoy!

Wicklund_0308.jpg Wicklund_0309.jpg Wicklund_0310.jpg Wicklund_0311.jpg Wicklund_0312.jpg Wicklund_0323.jpg Wicklund_0314.jpg Wicklund_0313.jpg Wicklund_0315.jpg Wicklund_0317.jpg Wicklund_0316.jpg Wicklund_0319.jpg Wicklund_0320.jpg Wicklund_0321.jpg Wicklund_0322.jpg Wicklund_0318.jpg