Logan + Kara Married! {Colorado Wedding Photographer}

Logan and Kara were married on her family's property outside of Castle Rock, Colorado, and truly, it couldn't have been a more perfect day. Not only was the setting one of the most beautiful, but everything from the ceremony to the reception went off perfectly without a hitch. Everything was so perfectly them, and it was the very best. Kara and Logan, thank you SO much for the opportunity to capture your wedding day and inviting me in to be a part of the celebration! Your love, and the love of your family and friends will carry you so far, and I'm so excited for all that is ahead for you both as husband and wife. Congratulations, again!CAPT8027.jpg CAPT8100.jpg CAPT8243-2.jpg CAPT8312.jpg CAPT8345.jpg CAPT8385.jpg CAPT8414.jpg CAPT8514.jpg CAPT8468.jpg CAPT8518.jpg CAPT8583.jpg CAPT8608.jpg CAPT8173.jpg CAPT8637.jpg CAPT8729.jpg CAPT8804.jpg CAPT8924.jpg CAPT8999.jpg CAPT9039.jpg CAPT9310.jpg CAPT9321.jpg CAPT9408.jpg CAPT9631.jpg CAPT9665.jpg CAPT9668.jpg CAPT9710.jpg CAPT9784.jpg CAPT9798.jpg CAPT9802.jpg CAPT9772.jpg CAPT9831.jpg CAPT9878.jpg CAPT9927.jpg