Maren + Jeff: Married 10 Years! {Colorado Portrait Photographer}

Meet Maren + Jeff. Maren is also a photographer (incredibly talented I might add) and when she got in touch with me to do some photos for she and Jeff, I was so honored. They celebrated their 10 year anniversary this year, and wanted to document the time. For just one second, time stood still for these two as we captured these moments, and I hope that you get to enjoy a glimpse into their FUN and SWEET love story. Love really is timeless, isn't it? Thank you again, Maren + Jeff, for having me capture this time for you guys. Your love is the kind people search for every single day,and it was so encouraging to witness it!To see more of Maren's work, check out Maren Miller Photography here! CAPT7290.jpg CAPT7316.jpg CAPT7353.jpg CAPT7226.jpg CAPT6914.jpg CAPT7017-2.jpg CAPT7105.jpg CAPT6942.jpg CAPT7120.jpg CAPT6939-2.jpg CAPT7197.jpg CAPT7361.jpg CAPT7500-2.jpg CAPT7513.jpg CAPT7585-2.jpg