Miles is 6 Months Old! {Colorado Family Photographer}

One of the greatest things about my job is getting to watch and capture the life of a newborn and their milestones that follow. I got to capture Jeremy and Stephanie when Stephanie was just pregnant with Miles. Shortly after that, I got to capture their brand new baby boy, Miles. Hard to believe that that was 6 months ago this precious boy was just a newborn. It's been such a treat to get to tell the story of Miles. Here is another chapter. Enjoy!CAPT2039-2.jpg CAPT2196.jpg CAPT2188.jpg CAPT2091-2.jpg CAPT2151-2.jpg CAPT2305.jpg CAPT2228-2.jpg CAPT2400.jpg CAPT2321-2.jpg CAPT2270-2.jpg CAPT2440.jpg CAPT2460.jpg CAPT2579.jpg CAPT2678.jpg CAPT2685.jpg CAPT2724.jpg CAPT2760.jpg CAPT2784-2.jpg