My Time in Texas + The Roush Family

I got to spend a few days in Texas this past August visiting some of my very best friends. Megan, Kayeligh, and Katherine were three of my dearest friends at Baylor University, and it's been such a treat to have our relationship extend far beyond any of our time at Baylor. I will be forever grateful for these friends in my life; for who they are, and for who they challenge me to be. i know that we have a lifetime of friendship in front of us. I love any chance I get to visit, and this trip was absolutely no different. Here are just a couple of pictures {Katherine not pictured}.

Wicklund_0901.jpg Wicklund_0902.jpg

Megan married Rich, the love of her life, a few years back. They were my hosts for the week, and so I took the opportunity to get them in front of my camera. I love these two a whole lot, so it was a treat when they agreed to let me have some fun with them and the camera. Enjoy these photos of my time with these two, and their most precious pup, Tegan.

Wicklund_0905.jpg Wicklund_0912.jpg Wicklund_0907.jpg Wicklund_0906.jpg Wicklund_0911.jpg Wicklund_0908.jpg Wicklund_0909.jpg Wicklund_0910.jpg Wicklund_0913.jpg Wicklund_0904.jpg Wicklund_0903.jpg