The Schell Fam and a Fun, Little Project!

Phil and Sara wanted to do a little project for their home, printing pictures onto canvases, and hanging them to mimick a photostrip. So, we got together to do photos so they could do just that! With a little creativity, and a whole lot of fun, here is what we gathered! It was SO much fun, and such a cool idea! I am so happy with how they turnd out! Sara and Phil also wanted to capture some of their sweet Londyn at 7 months, so we did that, too! How precious is this little one? I can't get enough of her :) Enjoy this sweet family of three! Wicklund_0659.jpg Wicklund_0660.jpg Wicklund_0662.jpg Wicklund_0661.jpg Wicklund_0663.jpg Wicklund_0656.jpg Wicklund_0653.jpg Wicklund_0658.jpg Wicklund_0655.jpg Wicklund_0652.jpg Wicklund_0654.jpg Wicklund_0657.jpg