The Wicklund Family! {Sneak Peek}

Meet the Wicklund family. Wes and Marissa have been incredible friends to Erik and I for a long, long time. They currently live in Kansas City with their two precious babes, and they just happened to be in Colorado for the Easter weekend. There is little that gets me more excited than taking pictures, and especially pictures of family and friends. We hopped outside to CSU’s campus for a quick shoot, and I am so happy that we took the time to capture some of these images. Enjoy these sweet people that are so dear to me! Wicklund_0024.jpg Wicklund_0025.jpg Wicklund_0026.jpg Wicklund_0027.jpg Wicklund_0028.jpg Wicklund_0029.jpg Wicklund_0030.jpg Wicklund_0031.jpg Wicklund_0033.jpg Wicklund_0032.jpg