The Wilkins Family Welcomes Harrison!

Stephy and Brennan welcomed the newest member of their family, Harrison, early last week. I got the opportunity to spend some time with this sweet boy, his big sister Hadley Kate, and his parents just 9 short days after his birth. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to capture this memorable time in this family's life, and couldn't be happier with the images we captured. And, look how beautiful Stephy is just 9 DAYS after giving birth! What treasures these 4 have in each other! Enjoy!

Wicklund_0511.jpg Wicklund_0506.jpg Wicklund_0503.jpg Wicklund_0502.jpg Wicklund_0508.jpg Wicklund_0505.jpg Wicklund_0520.jpg Wicklund_0509.jpg Wicklund_0504.jpg Wicklund_0510.jpg Wicklund_0513.jpg Wicklund_0517.jpg Wicklund_0516.jpg Wicklund_0519.jpg Wicklund_0526.jpg Wicklund_0524.jpg Wicklund_0522.jpg Wicklund_0525.jpg Wicklund_0523.jpg