Tonya & Evan with SHUTTERCHIC Photography

This summer I have the incredibly opportunity to work alongside of Tori Aaker of ShutterChic Photography as her second shooter. I contacted Tori with the hopes of just sitting down with her to chat photography and introduce myself, and I could not have expected that I would ever get the opportunity to work along side of her! She is an absolute treasure, and I LOVE her work. We've shot 2 weddings together this season, with a handful left to go, and I cannot express how grateful and blessed I feel to have the opportunity to do so. Thank you so much, Tori!Before we got started on working together, we wanted to opportunity to do a shoot as some practice. Tonya and Evan graciously gave us a couple of hours of their time to capture these images, and I am so glad we got to work with them!

Wicklund_0596.jpg Wicklund_0595.jpg Wicklund_0599.jpg Wicklund_0600.jpg Wicklund_0597.jpg Wicklund_0602.jpg Wicklund_0604.jpg Wicklund_0601.jpg Wicklund_0598.jpg Wicklund_0605.jpg Wicklund_0603.jpg