Torre & Susan MARRIED! Boulder Wedding Photographer

Torre and Susan were married on a most beautiful day in late August at Ryssby Church in Longmont. The wedding had been over a year in the making, and truly, it was one of the sweetest we've had the opportunity to be a part of. Torre has been a friend for as long as I can remember, and Erik and I was completely honored to get to stand along side of he and Susan capturing the most special and important day in their lives. Every detail was incredibly thoughtful and so personal to the two of them. Torre brewed the beer for his own wedding, the centerpieces were homegrown herbs which later served as favors, and the mother of the groom grew the flowers for Susan's bouquet and the bridemaids bouquets. It was really an incredible day as Susan and Torre began their forever surrounded by the ones they love the most! Torre and Susan, thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of your wedding. It was incredibly special for us, and we know that you both have a lifetime of happiness to share with each other!Wicklund_0880.jpg Wicklund_0882.jpg Wicklund_0883.jpg Wicklund_0884.jpg Wicklund_0886.jpg Wicklund_0874.jpg Wicklund_0887.jpg Wicklund_0872.jpg Wicklund_0873.jpg Wicklund_0876.jpg Wicklund_0875.jpg Wicklund_0857.jpg Wicklund_0862.jpg Wicklund_0864.jpg Wicklund_0861.jpg Wicklund_0856.jpg Wicklund_0855.jpg Wicklund_0858.jpg Wicklund_0859.jpg Wicklund_0878.jpg Wicklund_0877.jpg Wicklund_0870.jpg Wicklund_0865.jpg Wicklund_0869.jpg Wicklund_0868.jpg Wicklund_0867.jpg Wicklund_0866.jpg Wicklund_0888.jpg Wicklund_0898.jpg Wicklund_0893.jpg Wicklund_0892.jpg Wicklund_0899.jpg Wicklund_0895.jpg Wicklund_0896.jpg Wicklund_0897.jpg