Hayden Jane is 6 Months Old! {Colorado Family Photographer}

My beautiful niece Hayden Jane turned 6 months old last week, and we took opportunity to capture this milestone in her life. Hayden, you've really changed our lives in ways we never could have expected. You've taught us to seek joy, to laugh at the little things, and to not take life too seriously. You are more loved than you could ever know, and it's a true privilege to get to be your aunt. Thanks for teaching us so many things in just your 6 months of life! I can't wait for all that is to come!CAPT3175.jpg CAPT3191-2.jpg CAPT3196-2.jpg CAPT3287.jpg CAPT3294-2.jpg CAPT3303.jpg CAPT3327-2.jpg CAPT3393-2.jpg CAPT3347.jpg CAPT3378.jpg CAPT3393.jpg CAPT3427.jpg CAPT3539-2.jpg CAPT3600-2.jpg CAPT3566.jpg CAPT3627-2.jpg

Meet Courtney {Personal Post}

This is Courtney; one of my most dear friends. She is one of the most kind, sincere, and caring souls you will ever meet, and her love for others shines through her all the time; it's contagious. Meet her and you will know what I am talking about. She was gracious enough to let me capture these photos of her. Meet Courtney! I hope you get to meet her one day if you haven't already.

CAPT2792.jpg CAPT2837-2.jpg CAPT2859.jpg CAPT2865.jpg CAPT2877-2.jpg CAPT3082.jpg CAPT3105-2.jpg CAPT2989-2.jpg

Miles is 6 Months Old! {Colorado Family Photographer}

One of the greatest things about my job is getting to watch and capture the life of a newborn and their milestones that follow. I got to capture Jeremy and Stephanie when Stephanie was just pregnant with Miles. Shortly after that, I got to capture their brand new baby boy, Miles. Hard to believe that that was 6 months ago this precious boy was just a newborn. It's been such a treat to get to tell the story of Miles. Here is another chapter. Enjoy!CAPT2039-2.jpg CAPT2196.jpg CAPT2188.jpg CAPT2091-2.jpg CAPT2151-2.jpg CAPT2305.jpg CAPT2228-2.jpg CAPT2400.jpg CAPT2321-2.jpg CAPT2270-2.jpg CAPT2440.jpg CAPT2460.jpg CAPT2579.jpg CAPT2678.jpg CAPT2685.jpg CAPT2724.jpg CAPT2760.jpg CAPT2784-2.jpg

60th Birthday Celebration in Scottsdale! {Personal Post}

My mom turned 60 years old on February 5th, and our family decided to surprise her with a trip to Scottsdale for a long weekend. It's pretty rare that everyone can get together at one time, so to get this trip planned was a feat in itself. It was an incredible weekend spent with the most important people in our lives, celebrating the best mom in the world. Although it was a bitter sweet Sunday with the Bronco loss in the Superbowl, it was truly one of the most special weekends for our family!CAPT0953.jpg CAPT0964.jpg CAPT1652.jpg CAPT1719.jpg CAPT0981.jpg CAPT1001.jpg CAPT0985.jpg CAPT1008.jpg CAPT1021.jpg CAPT1050.jpg CAPT1068.jpg CAPT1061.jpg CAPT1083.jpg CAPT1084.jpg CAPT1253.jpg CAPT1185.jpg CAPT1180.jpg CAPT1235.jpg CAPT1213.jpg CAPT1259.jpg CAPT1305.jpg CAPT1312.jpg CAPT1353.jpg CAPT1563.jpg CAPT1699.jpg CAPT1573.jpg CAPT1594.jpg CAPT1681.jpg CAPT1721.jpg

Ryan + Emily Engaged! {Colorado Engagement Photographer}

This post is long overdue, but I wanted to share as these two are near and dear to my heart. It's hard to put into words how much they mean to me, and I most certainly will fall short, so I won't try. When Ryan asked his bride-to-be, Emily, to be his wife, I about shot through the roof with excitement that we will get to share the rest of our lives as family. We took a (windy) fall afternoon to capture their recent engagement, and despite the wind, and a flat tire that cut our session short, we got to spend some time together capturing this unique and special time in their lives.Welcome (officially) to our family, Emily! I love you both so much, and am so glad to have gotten to capture this time for you two!

CAPT1758.jpg CAPT1693.jpg CAPT1705.jpg CAPT1682.jpg CAPT1771-2.jpg CAPT1831.jpg CAPT1806.jpg CAPT2009.jpg CAPT1865.jpg CAPT1853-2.jpg CAPT2003.jpg CAPT1891.jpg CAPT2031-2.jpg

Jake + Tiernay Engaged {Colorado Engagement Photographer}

I'm so excited to get to be sharing these photos with you today! Tiernay has been a friend since middle school, and when she got engaged to the love of her life, Jake, I could hardly wait to get my camera on them. Their smiles, the emotion; you can't make those up. She's safe with him; they are each other's rock; and it was so evident throughout our session. The saying is so true; "a picture is worth a thousand words", and I don't think it rings more true than through these photos of Tiernay and Jake.Congratulations, you two! I'm so incredibly excited for all that is ahead, and know that your wedding this summer will be beautiful!

CAPT0055.jpg CAPT0039.jpg CAPT0112.jpg CAPT0132.jpg CAPT0092.jpg CAPT0157-2.jpg CAPT0165.jpg CAPT9950.jpg CAPT9750.jpg CAPT9807.jpg CAPT9753.jpg CAPT9801.jpg CAPT9781.jpg CAPT9682.jpg CAPT9845.jpg CAPT9731.jpg CAPT0224.jpg CAPT9967-2.jpg

Hayden Jane is 5 Months Old! {Colorado Family Photographer}

Hayden Jane turned 5 months old, and we took the opportunity to capture the time as she has grown so much and is learning new things every day! I can't believe how much she has grown, but it's been the most fun watching her change from newborn, to the sweetest, smiliest, and most full of life little baby I know. CAPT9486.jpg CAPT9384.jpg CAPT9488.jpg CAPT9362.jpg CAPT9397.jpg CAPT9380.jpg CAPT9292.jpg Untitled.jpg

Nik + Ryann Engaged {Colorado Engagement Photographer}

In my first blog post of the year (yay!), I am so excited to bring you this sweet engagement session from Cheesman Park in Downtown Denver. Ryann and Nik have the kind of love that everyone wishes they had. It's genuine, honest, and deep. It's a love that is contagious, and even in just spending an hour with them, it's easy to know and see. I can't help but know that this marriage thing is going to fit you these two so well. I really do feel priveleged to get to help tell their love story. Ryann and Nik, thank you so much for having me come along side of you during one of the biggest, and most important times in your lives. Your love is a beautiful thing! I cannot wait for October at the Sanctuary! CAPT8520.jpg CAPT8560-2.jpg CAPT8576-2.jpg CAPT8572-2.jpg CAPT8662-2.jpg CAPT8678-2.jpg CAPT8715-2.jpg CAPT8784.jpg CAPT8831-2.jpg CAPT8850-2.jpg CAPT8936-2.jpg CAPT8977.jpg CAPT8867-2.jpg CAPT8908-2.jpg CAPT8988.jpg CAPT9053-2.jpg CAPT9079-2.jpg CAPT9158-2.jpg CAPT9198.jpg

Jaime, + Jarrod + Baby W {Colorado Maternity Photographer}

My beautiful friend Jaime and her husband Jarrod are expecting their first baby girl any day now. It's been such an honor to walk along side them as they begin this journey of parenthood, and I couldn't be more excited for them to meet their little girl. Jaime, you are STUNNING, and you carry pregnancy so well. Thank you so much for the opportunity to capture this time in your life...I know that you both will excel at being parents to this precious baby. She is one blessed babe already. I cannot wait to hear that she is here! Wicklund_0929.jpg Wicklund_0928.jpg Wicklund_0926.jpg Wicklund_0932.jpg Wicklund_0933.jpg Wicklund_0934.jpg Wicklund_0935.jpg Wicklund_0927.jpg Wicklund_0937.jpg Wicklund_0931.jpg Wicklund_0936.jpg Wicklund_0923.jpg Wicklund_0924.jpg Wicklund_0939.jpg Wicklund_0942.jpg Wicklund_0941.jpg

My Time in Texas + The Roush Family

I got to spend a few days in Texas this past August visiting some of my very best friends. Megan, Kayeligh, and Katherine were three of my dearest friends at Baylor University, and it's been such a treat to have our relationship extend far beyond any of our time at Baylor. I will be forever grateful for these friends in my life; for who they are, and for who they challenge me to be. i know that we have a lifetime of friendship in front of us. I love any chance I get to visit, and this trip was absolutely no different. Here are just a couple of pictures {Katherine not pictured}.

Wicklund_0901.jpg Wicklund_0902.jpg

Megan married Rich, the love of her life, a few years back. They were my hosts for the week, and so I took the opportunity to get them in front of my camera. I love these two a whole lot, so it was a treat when they agreed to let me have some fun with them and the camera. Enjoy these photos of my time with these two, and their most precious pup, Tegan.

Wicklund_0905.jpg Wicklund_0912.jpg Wicklund_0907.jpg Wicklund_0906.jpg Wicklund_0911.jpg Wicklund_0908.jpg Wicklund_0909.jpg Wicklund_0910.jpg Wicklund_0913.jpg Wicklund_0904.jpg Wicklund_0903.jpg

Torre & Susan MARRIED! Boulder Wedding Photographer

Torre and Susan were married on a most beautiful day in late August at Ryssby Church in Longmont. The wedding had been over a year in the making, and truly, it was one of the sweetest we've had the opportunity to be a part of. Torre has been a friend for as long as I can remember, and Erik and I was completely honored to get to stand along side of he and Susan capturing the most special and important day in their lives. Every detail was incredibly thoughtful and so personal to the two of them. Torre brewed the beer for his own wedding, the centerpieces were homegrown herbs which later served as favors, and the mother of the groom grew the flowers for Susan's bouquet and the bridemaids bouquets. It was really an incredible day as Susan and Torre began their forever surrounded by the ones they love the most! Torre and Susan, thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of your wedding. It was incredibly special for us, and we know that you both have a lifetime of happiness to share with each other!Wicklund_0880.jpg Wicklund_0882.jpg Wicklund_0883.jpg Wicklund_0884.jpg Wicklund_0886.jpg Wicklund_0874.jpg Wicklund_0887.jpg Wicklund_0872.jpg Wicklund_0873.jpg Wicklund_0876.jpg Wicklund_0875.jpg Wicklund_0857.jpg Wicklund_0862.jpg Wicklund_0864.jpg Wicklund_0861.jpg Wicklund_0856.jpg Wicklund_0855.jpg Wicklund_0858.jpg Wicklund_0859.jpg Wicklund_0878.jpg Wicklund_0877.jpg Wicklund_0870.jpg Wicklund_0865.jpg Wicklund_0869.jpg Wicklund_0868.jpg Wicklund_0867.jpg Wicklund_0866.jpg Wicklund_0888.jpg Wicklund_0898.jpg Wicklund_0893.jpg Wicklund_0892.jpg Wicklund_0899.jpg Wicklund_0895.jpg Wicklund_0896.jpg Wicklund_0897.jpg

Jake & Dayton - A Surprise Proposal

Jake contacted me all the way from Rwanda to help plan his surprise propsal to the love of his life, Dayton. They are both originally from Dallas, but have both been living abroad in Africa. They both had just returned to Dallas just a day or so before the proposal. He surprised her the morning of, telling her they were going to breakfast, and that she needed to get up so that they could get going. Little did she know, that he would be taking her to the airport, where they would be getting on a flight to Denver, CO, and where he would be promising his forever to her. With lots of planning, preparation, and a whole lot of love, these two are now engaged! The day could not have been planned better, and the proposal went off without a hitch. Jake and Dayton, thank you so much for letting me capture such an incredible moment in your lives. I am so grateful to have met you both, and know that this journey of marriage will be the best gift ever. Enjoy this sweet proposal! Wicklund_0785.jpg Wicklund_0787.jpg Wicklund_0788.jpg Wicklund_0798.jpg Wicklund_0789.jpg Wicklund_0790.jpg Wicklund_0791.jpg Wicklund_0792.jpg Wicklund_0793.jpg Wicklund_0794.jpg Wicklund_0795.jpg Wicklund_0796.jpg Wicklund_0797.jpg

The Vigil Family - Peyton is 6 months Old!

When Melanie contacted me about doing photos for their family, I was so excited!  I have known these two for some time, and 6 months ago, they brought the sweetest baby boy into the world. To capture Peyton's 6 month milestone, we got together for some family photos at Chataqua Park in Boulder on a sunny, summer evening, and had the best time. Thank you Phil and Melanie, for letting me capture your sweet, funny, precious baby boy! Your family is beautiful!Wicklund_0768.jpg Wicklund_0765.jpg Wicklund_0766.jpg Wicklund_0769.jpg Wicklund_0770.jpg Wicklund_0773.jpg Wicklund_0772.jpg Wicklund_0774.jpg Wicklund_0771.jpg Wicklund_0776.jpg Wicklund_0775.jpg Wicklund_0778.jpg Wicklund_0777.jpg Wicklund_0782.jpg Wicklund_0784.jpg Wicklund_0779.jpg Wicklund_0780.jpg

Brett and Annie are MARRIED!

Brett and Annie were married on a beautiful June day in Boulder. As the rain clouds loomed, we were unsure if we would have the chance to do the photos we had planned, but we chose to take a chance, and I am so glad that we did. Brett and Annie had their first look up Flagstaff road, with the mountains as their majestic backdrop. Truly, one of the most beautiful places I could imagine for a first look. Erik and I are so grateful to have had the chance to spend the day along side of these two as they began their brand new life together. Everything went exactly as planned, and they were married in one of the most sincere and touching ceremonies we have witnessed. Thank you so much, Brett and Annie, for choosing us to capture your day! We couldn't be more excited for you two! Wicklund_0752.jpg Wicklund_0724.jpg Wicklund_0726.jpg Wicklund_0725.jpg Wicklund_0727.jpg Wicklund_0730.jpg Wicklund_0732.jpg Wicklund_0731.jpg Wicklund_0729.jpg Wicklund_0734.jpg Wicklund_0738.jpg Wicklund_0739.jpg Wicklund_0737.jpg Wicklund_0735.jpg Wicklund_0741.jpg Wicklund_0736.jpg Wicklund_0723.jpg Wicklund_0716.jpg Wicklund_0718.jpg Wicklund_0719.jpg Wicklund_0720.jpg Wicklund_0721.jpg Wicklund_0722.jpg Wicklund_0746.jpg Wicklund_0744.jpg Wicklund_0748.jpg Wicklund_0747.jpg Wicklund_0749.jpg Wicklund_0750.jpg

Jeremy, Stephanie + Baby S!

Jeremy and Stephanie are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first baby, a boy, any day now! We took a warm, June evening to capture this milestone that is about to mark their lives forever, and I could not be more excited for them to begin this brand new journey! Congratulations, you two! Cannot wait to hear that he has made his entrance into this world!Wicklund_0712.jpg Wicklund_0703.jpg Wicklund_0705.jpg Wicklund_0706.jpg Wicklund_0709.jpg Wicklund_0707.jpg Wicklund_0704.jpg Wicklund_0710.jpg Wicklund_0713.jpg Wicklund_0711.jpg Wicklund_0708.jpg

Beau, Britt and Baby B!

My sister and brother-in-law are expecting their sweet baby girl sometime the end of August. As her auntie, I could not be more excited! We took an evening up in Fort Collins to document my glowing sister and their growing family. How beautiful is she? I might be biased, but goodness...she makes pregnancy look good :) I am so grateful to have had the chance to document this important time in their lives! This little girl has SO much love for her already, I can hardly stand it! Baby girl, know that you are more loved than you could even know! Thanks for putting up with your crazy auntie... It's only just beginning! Wicklund_0675.jpg Wicklund_0676.jpg Wicklund_0678.jpg Wicklund_0680.jpg Wicklund_0679.jpg Wicklund_0677.jpg Wicklund_0681.jpg Wicklund_0682.jpg Wicklund_0683.jpg Wicklund_0687.jpg Wicklund_0686.jpg Wicklund_0685.jpg Wicklund_0684.jpg

The Schell Fam and a Fun, Little Project!

Phil and Sara wanted to do a little project for their home, printing pictures onto canvases, and hanging them to mimick a photostrip. So, we got together to do photos so they could do just that! With a little creativity, and a whole lot of fun, here is what we gathered! It was SO much fun, and such a cool idea! I am so happy with how they turnd out! Sara and Phil also wanted to capture some of their sweet Londyn at 7 months, so we did that, too! How precious is this little one? I can't get enough of her :) Enjoy this sweet family of three! Wicklund_0659.jpg Wicklund_0660.jpg Wicklund_0662.jpg Wicklund_0661.jpg Wicklund_0663.jpg Wicklund_0656.jpg Wicklund_0653.jpg Wicklund_0658.jpg Wicklund_0655.jpg Wicklund_0652.jpg Wicklund_0654.jpg Wicklund_0657.jpg

Jarrod & Jaime + Baby W!

Jaime is a dear friend of mine from growning up. I was ecstatic when she shared the news with me that she and Jarrod were expecting baby W sometime in October! To share in the excitement, and in this new season of life, we got together to do some photos. I am so glad we did! This is one of my favorite shoots to date, and I couldn't be more excited for Jaime and Jarrod as they begin this brand new chapter! Enjoy this family of 3, and their sweet puppy Mogul!Wicklund_0639.jpg Wicklund_0641.jpg Wicklund_0640.jpg Wicklund_0637.jpg Wicklund_0647.jpg Wicklund_0643.jpg Wicklund_0642.jpg Wicklund_0644.jpg Wicklund_0646.jpg